Monday, May 5, 2008

Keep It Simple

I have some rhubarb. It's lovely, bought it at the farmer's market. I wanted to make Rhubarb Crunch with it. I have a great recipe for it, given to me by a college classmate MANY years ago. Thing is, I can't find the recipe. It's not in my recipe box, and since I'm finishing up a kitchen remodel, if it's anywhere else, it's as good as in Siberia.

So, since I'm not in touch currently with this classmate, I decided to try to search for her. At first, I couldn't remember her last name, so I went to our college's alumni page (where I had to create an account and then log in so I could search alums). I found her pretty quickly. But, she doesn't have an email address listed. I then googled her and found her name associated with a couple of different schools in another state. I then tried to look for her on the websites of those schools. No luck.

Want to know what I did next? I googled frakkin' Rhubarb Crunch. Found the right recipe on the first click.

Lesson learned? Keep it simple. Try the easy solution first.

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